Sentry Global Technologies
Announces New Business Division

WideOpenWi-Fi brings streaming capabilities to the great outdoors.

DALLAS, TX – November 12, 2020 – Sentry Global Technologies, an industry leader in managed IT services, today announced an expansion of the corporation’s offerings with the launching of WideOpenWi-Fi, a cutting-edge technology delivering design, installation and management of streaming-quality wireless internet for campgrounds and RV parks.

WideOpenWi-Fi works in conjunction with park owners to provide the highest quality wireless Internet, allowing users the ability to stream movies and videos, attend Zoom or Skype calls, or play their favorite games. WOW's certified Engineers analyze specific requirements and design a site plan which will bring high-speed Wi-Fi to every campsite every minute of every hour of every day.

“We are excited to launch this new venture and deliver Great Wi-Fi for the Great Outdoors,” said Sentry Global Technologies and WideOpenWi-Fi CEO Brad Wohlander. “More people than ever are choosing RV Parks and campgrounds as a fun, safe way to vacation. By staying at a location utilizing WOW technology, families can get away yet still have all the convenience of being connected.”

With offices in North Texas and Central Ohio, WideOpenWi-Fi is prepared to work with clients nation-wide. The use of WideOpenWi-Fi will allow campground and RV park operators and owners to separate themselves from the competition and reap immediate financial rewards by offering a premium service to patrons – all at a fraction of a cost of other providers.

For more information regarding WideOpenWi-Fi please visit or call (972) 731-6767.

About Sentry Global Technologies:

For more than a decade, Sentry Global Technologies has provided world-class service to clients in North Texas and Central Ohio. Sentry bases its business on personal relationships and “Concierge Service,” replying to all inquiries in 15 minutes or less. In 2020, Sentry GT expanded its corporate portfolio by adding WideOpenWi-Fi, providing commercial-grade streaming wireless Internet to outdoor recreation facilities.